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Conveyer Belt Sushi (1 of 3)

Posted: 12/22/12

Conveyer Belt Sushi (1 of 3)

Restaurant: Japan Kura_Sushi

Nelson @ Kyoto: I have never had the chance to try kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi and finally had my chance one night in Kyoto when we stumbled into this (apparently) large chain called Kura Sushi. As soon as I walked in my senses were assaulted. Blinking lights, loud bells, moving plates, people eating, clinking tableware, people laughing and of course the smell of food. This was not going to be a quiet meal...it was going to be a fun meal!

We were confused at first at how everything worked, but luckily they had instructions in english. Next to your seat is a constantly rotating conveyor belt that carried plates of foods (click for video) under a plastic lid. Each one costs ¥100 but including tax comes out to ¥105/$1.25. You just pick what you want by lifting the plate upwards so that the lid pops open and then pulling it out. It took a practice plate or two to figure out exactly how to get them smoothly, especially since you have to decide quickly and act on it! Some of them looked sad because they not very fresh and they were obviously unwanted. There is a way to custom order dishes, but stayed tuned for tomorrow's post.

There were quite a few unique looking ones and those are the ones we picked first from the conveyor belt. The first is a roe/octopus/basil and not cheese as we first thought. It had too much basil for me personally.

Another unique one, this one had green onion, egg and tuna. It was pretty good.

This clam sushi was extremely crunchy and the texture was not at all like seafood. Interesting.

Tuna sushi was fine.

I guess eel is expensive and that is why we only got one piece. We knew that it was only one piece as it was going by, but it looked really good and turns out it tasted decent.

Smoked salmon with onions and mayo. Definitely not traditional sushi and tasted western, but it was good. It looked very tempting as it went by on the conveyor belt.

Another thing to note is that you don't have a tray of soy sauce to dip your sushi in. Rather you drip your soy sauce on top of the sushi just before you eat it!

The last one for today, this is a roll that came with a 3 pieces. Bonus! Shrimp, tuna and salmon with some fish covered in mayo inside. We got this one because of "value".

Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how to order custom dishes!


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