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Fancy Sandwich

Posted: 12/21/12

Fancy Sandwich

Restaurant: Japan Sandwich_House_Gourmet

Nelson @ Kyoto: We needed a quick breakfast and passed this restaurant near the train station and thought that a sandwich would be quick, easy and filling. It was two out of three.

We tried the fried shrimp, ham and vegetables (¥920/$11). It came in a really nice box, wrapped in clear plastic inside and was even date stamped to make sure you ate it fresh. On the left is the ham sandwich and the right is the one fried shrimp. All with lettuce and egg salad. It was good, but as you can tell from the second picture, they cut up one slice of bread into four pieces! Each piece was tiny and they even cut off the crusts! Really nice presentation and they really made it look bigger than it seemed. I guess you pay for the presentation and not the quantity at that price!


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  • Quick, easy, but not so filling? Haha
    dre @ 2012-12-21
  • Bingo!
    Nelson @ 2012-12-21

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