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Japanese Snacks (Kyoto)

Posted: 12/19/12

Japanese Snacks (Kyoto)

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Kyoto: The snacks are plentiful and so different from Canada. We visited convenience stores and grocery stores quite often and got to see a little of what the locals ate. In every single store there are these rice triangles/rice balls called O-nigiri. Often just costing a buck or two (CAD), their most unique feature is the packaging. There were instructions on how to unwrap this and I had a bit of difficulty separating the plastic from the food. I had no idea at the time, but the plastic is intentionally designed to keep the seaweed separate from rice to prevent it becoming moist and sticky. Japanese ingenuity! Not sure what was inside, but overall we didn't like eating it that much and didn't end up buying it again even though many people recommended it everyday for breakfast.

Kitty always picked some random snacks and this one had various rice crackers in different shapes and flavours. Lots of variety in taste, colour and texture made this fun to eat.

This is a bun with melon topping called melonpan. On top is some crisp cookie dough that is dryer and firmer than the Chinese version. It tasted a lot lighter than I expected, but I liked it.

One of Kitty's favourites is red bean in dough, called Imagawayaki in Japanese. The smell of this from the stand is intoxicating and draws you in. Taste good fresh and hot too!

This is just a random pastry filled with two types of cream (whipped and butter?). Pretty rich and flakey and I enjoyed it enough.


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