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Takoyaki (Kyoto)

Posted: 12/18/12

Takoyaki (Kyoto)

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Kyoto: Takoyaki were invented in Osaka, but when we came across this street vendor in front of a supermarket in Kyoto, I couldn't resist. These wheat flour balls are filled with octopus and cooked in a special takoyaki pan. You can see the large pieces of octopus in front while the cooked balls are sitting in the pan where it cost us ¥500/$6 for 10 balls. This vendor had multiple types with different fillings and different sauces, but we opted for the classic version.

It looked neat before the vendor put the plastic cover on top and crushed all the toppings and the resulting picture is a bit of a mess unfortunately. Still, you can see how large these were with their equally large chunks of octopus inside a lot of batter and covered in Aonori (powdered seaweed), bonito flakes and a spicy/sweet sauce. There were even small pieces of shrimp in the batter! They were hot and cooked thoroughly, but the largest tasting note was the pickled ginger in the batter. It was too much for me personally and as a result I didn't enjoy this one as much as other one's I've had.


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