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Kingyo Izakaya - Toronto (2 of 2)

Posted: 12/16/12

Kingyo Izakaya - Toronto (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Kingyo Toronto

Nelson @ Cabbagetown: The rest of the food from Kingyo including more "mains".

First, we had an assortment of sushi (from left to right) ($30): scallop, red tuna, hamachi yellow tail, west coast sockeye salmon, west coast sweet shrimp. The presentation was amazing and I was really impressed with how tall the shrimp stood. The scallop was good, yellow tail only ok, tuna was better than most and salmon reminded me of my time in Vancouver. The ebi shrimp was not as sweet as I was expecting.

Kyoto sytle shojin assortment: shojin (vegan buddhist monk recipe) style, 9 kobachi bowls (only 10 available a day). It came in two boxes and was interesting to look at with so much variety. My favourite was the ball in the bottom right, made of some root vegetable and fried. The veggie wrapped tofu skin in the top right had a distinct smokey flavour and something else that I couldn't place. At the top left is deep fried corn in batter which Kitty really liked. The deep fried egg (bottom right of left box) is typically pretty sweet but this one was quite salty as well. Overall a little underwhelming.

Stone Bowl Pork Kakuni Don ($9.2): Sweet Japanese slow stewed pork belly on rice. It was tasty and had a lot of texture and meaty taste as well. Quite good!

This is a specialty of Kyoto that we didn't get a chance to try much in Japan. It is Aburi Shime Saba Battera ($15): flame seared vinegar cured mackerel battera box sushi with arima sansho. The mackerel is pressed into the rice usually made in a box. I felt it wasn't constructed that well because it fell apart as soon as you tried to pick it up. The fish came apart from the rice and the rice came apart as well. The mackerel was good, without a really strong fishy taste. I was hoping for this to be better than what it was.

Kimuchi Udon ($8.20): Kimuchi & spicy "mentaiko" cod roe flavored udon noodle. Udon was decent with a salty taste instead of strong kimchi taste, but when I did eat the kimchi itself it was definitely kimchi.

To finish the meal, they served frozen grapes. It looked like a nice flower arrangement which was a nice touch. The taste was ok, but a nice way to end the meal.

I liked this Izakaya and it felt more traditionally Japanese even though some of their dishes were fusion. The overall quality of the food was very high and that explains the prices. I suppose some of that high cost goes into the nice decor and atmosphere as well as the good food. Definitely a fun meal and I think worth it if you feel like splurging a tad.

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