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Posted: 12/14/12


Restaurant: Honkenishio_Yatsuhashi Japan

Nelson @ Kyoto: On the way to Kiyomizu Temple, traditional style Japanese buildings line the small street and they are all selling goods to the tourists. And the best part is the free samples! The local specialty is called Yatsuhashi, but first I took this picture of some buns that look absolutely perfectly formed. They look so perfect that they look fake. I didn't try one unfortunately.

So back to the most famous food item, the Yatsuhashi. Apparantely, the most famous place to buy them is from Honkenishio Yatsuhashi which we just happened to stumble into. They are made from glutinous rice flour, sugar and cinnamon and come in either raw (soft) or baked (hard) form. The raw type is called hijiri and is often wrapped with some red bean paste and shaped into a triangle. I tried every single sample flavour and some multiple times! They had black sesame, peach, strawberry, green tea (matcha), cinnamon, black bean, red bean, etc. Strangely the cinnamon taste wasn't very strong. Unfortunately they only last one week, so not ideal for a gift.

The more traditional and older hard variety can be seen. It doesn't have a strong taste and I preferred the soft one.

Other snacks include this chocolatey rice puff that was quite sweet. I liked them.

We ended up buying some honey & black sesame ice cream and it came with some Yatsuhashi . This was really good and although it wasn't the strongest black sesame ice cream I've ever had, it was perfect for the long uphill walk.

Some more random desserts that I don't know the name of, but of course I tried them all.

At another store we came across these Hello Kitty snacks. A lot of detail for snack like this!

Lastly is a store selling honey. He had the honeycomb out and everything and we were drawn in for a sample. The honey tea was nice too.

A street full of free samples is so fun! We walked up and then back down on the way back making for two large snacks. Yay for free!


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