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Ramen Festival

Posted: 12/12/12

Ramen Festival

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Komazawa Olympic Park: Our host Rino wanted to check out a Ramen Festival going on and I eagerly agreed. After driving there (I was in a car for a surprising amount of time) and it turned out to be like a ribfest. Large tents where people ate the food on common benches, same price of ¥800 for every bowl and very long lineups in front of small store fronts with large banners. It was like a ribfest except instead of ribs and smoke, it was noodles and steam. And also because we were in Japan there were people sorting the garbage. We split up and came back with different bowls.

炙り味噌マー油: Mine was a fusion of Ramen from the south and the north, a combination of pork and miso soup bases. It had very strong flavours but didn't taste of fat at all. The black sesame like substance poured on top gave it an extra kick of flavour and was excellent. My favourite of the bunch, but also so strong that I couldn't taste the rest of the bowls properly.

鳥取牛骨ラーメン: From the Tottori prefecture this one was beef based which is rare for Ramen. It had a medium flavour and lots of sprouts. Despite beef usually having a strong flavour I didn't taste much because of my previous bowl.

名古屋ベトコンラーメン: This one from Tokai region was based on Vietnamese flavours. The flavours were quite strong with a peppery, garlicky and spiciness that didn't feel Japanese at all. Still good though, even if I only had a small taste (and a bunch of garlic because I like them so much).

函館塩ラーメン: From where salt soup base Ramen was invented, this one is from the Hakodate area. It was by far the lightest tasting one and to me tasted a little instant noodles. The egg was best part of this dish, especially since most booths charged extra for it.

赤旨ベジ豚骨: This was a true fusion Ramen, starting with pork soup base and adding tomato made for an interesting flavour where the tomato taste really came through. Not traditional, but still tasty.

Overall attending this event really made me feel like a Japanese local. I was surprised there weren't that many people attending considering how packed festivals in Toronto usually are and how much bigger Tokyo is. Having the event spread over two weeks must have helped as well. Great suggestion, especially since I love vacation where eating is the focus :)


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