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Posted: 12/11/12


Restaurant: Animation_Studio_and_Maid_Cafe Japan

Nelson @ Akihabara: Famous for their Maid Cafes, it just so happened to be early afternoon so we walked into a random Maid Cafe in the area all the while ignoring the masses of girls promoting their specific Maid Cafe. Yes, the servers are all (young) women all dressed up as French Maids, but the vibe of the place is not sexual at all. Instead it is a brand of Japanese "cute". The servers are all super happy and smiling all the time carrying themselves in a "moe" way.

The walls are filled with anime pictures, the main TV is running a loop of some animation clip and in the centre is a station to decorate pictures with different colours/stickers/glitter, etc. A ring of desks for single seat patrons (where we sat next to each other) was in the middle and the outer tables were for groups of people. There were a few single males seated in the inner tables who looked awkward. One creepy guy had collected a deck full of pictures taken with various maids (pictures cost ¥500/$6). The group tables were filled with mostly all male groups, but a few had mixed sex tables and there was even one large table behind us filled completely by girls. They were older than high school students and looked mature, but they were still having a blast, giggling nonstop, taking lots of pictures and really enjoying themselves.

We ordered their recommended item: Omelet with rice and soup. They will draw a ketchup picture in front of you and you can get a Ketchup Dance for ¥500 more, although I have no idea what that is since we didn't get it. The waitress that specialized in drawings asked us what character to draw and we settled on Hello Kitty. She also asked for my name so she could personalize it. I don't know what PoPo RRE represents, but perhaps it is her signature? It tasted as you would expect, although using a tomato sauce for the fried rice is pretty good. There was a small amount of cheese in the omelet as well. So a lot of service, but not very good food in a small portion size that cost ¥1600/$20!

But I left out the best part. After she was done drawing, she led us through a song and dance claiming that this will make the food taste even better. It involved drawing air hearts, pointing a heart at the food all the while saying some Japanese and ending with "moe moe que" in a cute drawn out way. I was unapologetically laughing my ass off. I was definitely in a good mode and perhaps it even made the food taste slightly better.

In contrast, the creepy dude beside us sat glumly through the song/dance and didn't even make eye contact with the waitress. So awkward! I don't know how you couldn't have a good time as I couldn't stop laughing at the fun and absurdity of it all.

There was some sort of minimum order, so we also had a Green Tea roll cake (¥1400/$18). It came out with a pre-drawn picture of Totoro in chocolate and strawberry sauce that was impressive. The roll cake was ok having a lot of cream and beans inside of it. It came with a drink and we selected melon soda, which is the neon green drink beside the plate. We also got a set of place mats and coasters to take home with us as souvenirs.

The last picture is of the onion soup that tasted like it came from an instant package. Kitty thought it was tea at first and wondered why it was salty.

In conclusion, it was a complete ripoff, but you don't go for the food - you go for the LOLz. I was thoroughly entertained with this unique dining experience and would recommend everyone to try it...once.


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  • I think the ketchup says PoPo Pure. If the best part was the song and dance, how come you didn't spring for the ketchup dance for only 500 yen?
    Robert @ 2012-12-14
  • At the time I was ordering, I didn't know what it was and didn't feel like spending more. After she did her song/dance I was satisfied enough to not need anymore.
    Nelson @ 2012-12-14
  • Also looks like you are right about the PoPo Pure....did you know about that before reading the post?
    Nelson @ 2012-12-14
  • PoPo Pure was my immediate instinct when seeing the pic (before reading your post). When you mentioned RRE, I looked at the pic again and thought you might be right... so then I googled and got links to maid cafes for "popo pure".
    Robert @ 2012-12-14

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