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Nelson Dreams of Sushi - Part 2

Posted: 12/07/12

Nelson Dreams of Sushi - Part 2

Restaurant: Japan Sushi_Tomi

Nelson: Still on the "appetizer" section of the meal, this next dish is a heaping spoonful of uni (sea urchin). Together with some nore (seaweed), extremely thinly julienned cucumber and wasabi, this made for a nice contrast of flavours AND textures. The uni punches with the salt yet is soft in texture, the cucumber is refreshing and crisp, the nori is dry and brittle. And of course the wasabi adds spice. Nice combo here and nice presentation.

What is that?? Yup, it is a whole fish head. Or rather the head and collar of a Madai fish boiled in vinegar, soy sauce, sake and mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine). The mix of ingredients imparted a strong flavour to the fish. Surprisingly the cheek, usually the most tender part was not as tender as I expected. All around the collar area was very firm fish flesh that was bursting with flavour from the sauce. I also ate the fish eyes which was quite hard and chewy, but also gushing with flavour. I never expected to be eating a whole fish head, but it was unexpectedly enjoyable.

Chawanmushi is a Japanese steamed egg custard served in a tea cup. I was expecting sweet, but it was salty to my surprise. This one comes really hot and when it was cool enough to eat it had a delicate silky texture. I like how just the shrimp tail pokes out, among the other ingredients of fish, greens and ginko seed.

Lastly, I'll sneak in the drinks in this picture, as we started the meal with an Asahi Super Dry. Later in the meal we enjoyed some sake -the one on right is sweet while one on left is harder, but both very very smooth.

Tomorrow's post will begin the "mains".


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