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Nelson Dreams of Sushi

Posted: 12/06/12

Nelson Dreams of Sushi

Restaurant: Japan Sushi_Tomi

Nelson @ すし富: My old friend Jeff Wentworth who now lives in Japan brought us here to experience a true Omakase style meal. Omakase is the Japanese Sushi chef's version of a tasting menu. Just outside the Tsukiji Fish market in Tokyo, this small place only has bar seating, but I'm told they have more seating upstairs. This keeps you close to the action where the energetic and playful Sushi chef entertains. Too bad I don't speak Japanese as he seemed like a colourful guy as you will see. Omakase also means entrust, and trust I shall.

To start, the first appetizer was octopus and wasabi. You can see the real fresh wasabi that is grated on a traditional sharkskin board in the next picture. The wasabi flavour wasn't too strong, the octopus was good and it all came ontop of an edible leaf that tasted minty. I suppose all cheaper places with the plastic green leafs are trying to imitate this actual leaf. Also I thought the bowl was neat as it naturally looks out of focus. A good light start to the meal.

We dive right into the sashimi. Well, first a little seaweed and red colour daikon(?) for garnish. The first piece of sashimi is a snapper that is at room temperature that was quite light tasting with no fishy taste. Next, a slightly grilled piece of Madai (Red Sea Bream) that were instructed to dip in a sweetened soy sauce, with tiny green onion and ginger. Unfortunately I lost my tasting notes when I closed my document by mistake at the end of the meal. I was very very sad and tried to rewrite as much of it as I could later that night.

Next is the Aji (horse mackarel) that looks striking with its silvery skin and red meat. The natural tastes really come out and it was very pleasant eating it. It turned out to be Kitty's favourite type. So delightful.

This strange looking lump is made up of parts of a fish called Kawahagi (threadsail filefish). The fin part is coated in a sauce composed of the fish belly with a tiny bit of soy sauce. So different and not something I would ever think to be eating. This turned out to be a nice surprise with the sauce (belly) tasting similar to the stuff in the crab head - rich and full of seafood flavour. Once again it came on edible leaf to finish the presentation.

The last one for this post is chu-toro - medium fat tuna belly. Such a nice red colour with a taste that was new to me that was incredible. This is like no tuna I've ever had in North America. It melts in the mouth and just tastes really good. I don't understand why we don't have anything remotely similar here.

Can it be topped? Stay tuned for the follow up posts, this is the first of four!


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  • There's toro like that in North America (USA), there's even o-toro, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg because they have to ship it every morning direct from Japan.
    If I ever go to Japan, I'd eat toro for every meal.
    Edmond @ 2012-12-07
  • Gotta wait for day four ;)
    Nelson @ 2012-12-12

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