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Fruit in Japan

Posted: 12/05/12

Fruit in Japan

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson: Fruit in Japan is expensive. Like absurdly expensive. This cantaloupe at Isetan was selling for ¥8400 yen or $100. For just one cantaloupe! I think the intention is to give as a gift, so part of the cost is in the nice wrapping and of course the pamphlet. I bet it tastes really good as well, but to me, if I was to compare it to a $2 cantaloupe, I can't imagine it tasting 50 times better. So expensive!

My cousin was explaining to me that if they can grow it in Japan they will and try to limit imports of that particular fruit. Presumably because of the lack of arable land, the Japanese will concentrate on making the best quality of fruit, instead of quantity. As a result the price of fruit is very high and I can't see that being healthy.

A Mango costs $65. These don't even look like gift mangoes nor do they look ripe. Are there people that buy this?

15 strawberries for $40. That works out to $2.70 per strawberry! Crazy! Next time I have Japanese guests I will bring them strawberry picking.

The cheapest cantaloupe I ever found was in Kyoto for only $22. Wow.

Part of having high quality fruit also means making fruit/vegetables gigantic in size - at least in Japan. The green onion was longer a large extended umbrella. Crazy!

The cheapest fruit I came across was this $1.25 apple that was ON SALE. It was very large and even had a R engraved on it for some reason.

All this expensive fruit must be good for something. Well my aunt happen to bring out some grapes one day and when I tasted them I couldn't believe the flavour. You know that candy that is grape flavoured and has that fake grape taste? Well it tasted like that! Can you believe that the fake grape stuff was approximating really high quality Japanese grapes. I loved eating these flavourful and juicy grapes and I guess they were worth how ever much it cost.


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  • These prices are crazy! Did you feel bad eating your aunt's grapes? haha How do people afford fruit in Japan??
    dre @ 2012-12-06
  • There are some cheaper stuff like that apple, but yeah, i guess they don't eat much fruit. At first I felt bad, but then they were so good and we finished them!
    Nelson @ 2012-12-06

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