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Isetan Discount Sushi

Posted: 12/04/12

Isetan Discount Sushi

Restaurant: Isetan Japan

Nelson @ Isetan: My dad said he practically lived on discounted sushi when he lived in Japan. Even though it was only midday we managed to find some in the back of the store. Eight pieces for ¥640 (~$8). I liked how they split the large pieces of scallop in two to lay on top of the rice. They were all happened to be seared in some way. Generally speaking, it didn't taste very good and maybe it is because it's old sushi and that is why it is seared. Disappointing. The best part was actually how it was packed. It was all wrapped up nicely in a bag with chopsticks and an ice pack! How convenient and appropriate! Also convenient were the benches where we sat to eat this. We only realized afterwards that there was a sign behind us that said "Please refrain from eating here". Oops. The Japanese were too polite to shoo us away anyway.


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