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Sukho Thai Wellington Grand Opening

Posted: 12/03/12

Sukho Thai Wellington Grand Opening

Restaurant: Sukho_Thai Toronto

DISCLAIMER - This meal was provided for free as a preview for their grand opening today.

Nelson @ St. Lawrence Market area: We were invited to a pre-opening event for their new location. The original location was harder to get to, but this one is at a great location, right on Wellington, right in the core of downtown. The new location has a very modern and roomy vibe to it and of course a large elephant behind the bar. Personally, I liked the hole in the wall feeling of the old location, but I hear they are renovating it as well. But enough about that, I am here for the food.

When we arrived, the wait staff put down a basket of shrimp chips with tamarind dip ($4). Kitty and I both like shrimp chips and couldn't stop eating this. The tamarind dip was slightly sweet/spicy and enjoyable, but hard to dip from the small container.

We started with a SukhoTHAI mango salad ($6). What impresses me was that the mango was fresh and ripe. Sometimes you order this and the mango is unripe and makes the dish unpleasant. The overall taste of the salad was sweet and surprisingly not sour, but Kitty and I both liked it this way. Some may like it more vinegary.

I had the khao soi - yellow noodles in curry gravy w/ beef ($13). This dish has a really intense flavour - strong on coconut milk and spice (medium) - and I liked it this way. This dish always looks neat with the crisp dough on top adding crunch to an otherwise smooth dish. The beef itself is the cut with some tendon and was really really tender. I liked the egg noodle myself but since there was so much beef I could have used a bit more noodles. But as it turns out when I was finished I was really full because this dish was so rich. Yum!

SukhoTHAI pad thai ($13 for chicken) - The best part of this dish besides not having ketchup, was that the noodles were done just right - not over cooked and mushy like you often get. Kitty said it was sweet but after eating my dish I had a hard time tasting it properly and to me it did not taste sweet. In fact, I couldn't taste any citrus flavour which was a little strange and perhaps why Kitty thought it was sweet. According to the wait staff, what makes this different from a regular pad thai besides $1, is extra peanuts, bean sprouts/green onion and lemon. Overall it felt authentic, the taste was good and Kitty who almost always orders pad thai at Thai restaurants really liked it. I like how they created height in their presentation.

We also had some Thai iced tea ($4) which was really sweet and creamy. It helped with the drive home :)

Although they don't have the cheap hole-in-the-wall vibe anymore, the authentic Thai food remains excellent and Sukho Thai is still in every conversation for best Thai in Toronto.

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  • Mmmm! Looks good. Can't wait to go there, I wonder how it compares to Kao San Road?
    Leo @ 2012-12-03
  • Khao San Road is a sister/same owner restaurant of Sukho Thai, so I'm guessing pretty similar
    Nelson @ 2012-12-05

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