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Department Store Samples - Isetan

Posted: 12/02/12

Department Store Samples - Isetan

Restaurant: Isetan Japan

Nelson @ Shinjuku: Friends recommended that we stop by a Department store basement. Why? For the FREE samples! I did not know this, but the basement of major department stores (we happened to stumble into the flagship Isetan store) sells food. Not just any food, but the widest variety and highest quality food I have ever seen.

Want Japanese specialty desserts? Layered cake for ¥3150 ($38 CAD). I think Japanese people give these as gifts, because that's a really expensive cake. For more daily eats, they have a wide variety of french pastries and Japanese pastries. So much choice and just for bread!




Indian food? Or rather Indian-like food? Samosas for $4 CAD. Yes, the most expensive samosas ever, but they probably taste good. Honestly I was surprised to see this here.

In the next picture you can see some German sausages among other varieties of foods. Weird to see here, but it's here.

Fried foods? Why not? I can't see why people would want not freshly fried foods, but it's here to buy.

Eel on a stick. I really wanted to buy this, but it was too pricey. $25 for 4 strips of eel is a bit out of my price range.

Just for sheer variety, stewed fish.

Fried pork cutlets that look delicious, but once again I can't understand why someone would buy it cold. Do they go home and re fry it?

So many desserts. Mochi is a famous Japanese type and they have plenty of flavour choices here.

Persimmon Mackerel, which is famous in another part of Japan (that I will also visit) is out there to sample. So many different foods were free to sample that we almost ate a whole meal just on samples.

The display of meat was mouthwatering. Just display after display of nicely marbled beef. Some pieces were only ¥8400 per 100 g. That is $450 / pound in CAD!!! I think it's Kobe beef, but I find it incredible that it's just sitting there on the shelf waiting for a customer to come by randomly to buy it.

Chinese style desserts? Buy some mini-Moon cakes!

More Osaka style sushi, the pressed variety all available in this one place. You could have an eating tour of Japan just on this one floor!

Lastly, the fish varieties in all shapes and colours. Also Spiny crabs.

I found that the sheer variety, quantity and quality of food IN THE BASEMENT of a department stores to be absolutely stunning. Now, the food is expensive, but people were buying it up at an incredible pace. Stay tuned tomorrow to see what we decided to buy.


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