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Ramen Museum

Posted: 11/29/12

Ramen Museum

Restaurant: Japan ShinYokohama_Raumen_Museum

Nelson: A museum dedicated to just Ramen! Awesome! I like the idea of a museum dedicated to food. Most of museum is a replica of 1958 Tokyo with Ramen stands showcasing different types from all over Japan. Unfortunately since we had just eaten we only had room for one half portion.

We selected Menno-bo-toride from Tokyo that had a tonkotsu (pork) soup base seasoned with soy sauce and had pork as an ingredient. I'm actually not that big of a Ramen fan, but this was by far the best Ramen I have ever had! It was head and shoulders above anything I have had before and this was on a full stomach. We asked for firm noodles (they were the thin variety) and they were great tasting and the texture was Japanese "Al Dente". The soup base was so full of flavour that I couldn't believe it. It wasn't even the richest one, but I thought it was the perfect amount of taste. It was salty but still edible for me as I am sensitive to too much salt. The rest of the ingredients went well together and overall made this into a perfect bowl of Ramen for me. Wow, I didn't know Ramen could taste so good!

You can also put many ingredients into the Ramen, but we didn't choose to.

The store part taught you how to make a custom ramen, consisting of selecting: 1) Flavour: soy sauce, salt, miso 2) Soup: Japanese, plain chicken, rich chicken and pork (richest) 3) Flavour Oil: Leek, seafood, chicken, lard 4) Noodle: very thin straight, thin straight egg, thin wrinkled, fat wrinkled egg, fat straight, flat wrinkled, very fat straight, very fat and flat wrinkled, instant wrinkled

I thought it was funny how you can buy a piece of pork for ¥150. So expensive!

Fun experience overall though and well worth it just for the Ramen! What an eye opener!


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