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Shengjian Mantou 生煎包

Posted: 11/25/12

Shengjian Mantou 生煎包

Restaurant: 王府井 Japan

Nelson @ Yokohama Chinatown, 王府井: I know it's strange that I'm eating Chinese food in Japan, but I just happen to be here around lunch time. This place (王府井) had a huge crowd outside and video screens displaying the media coverage this place receives from selling their speciality - Authentic Shengjian Bao (生煎包). This is actually a Shanghai specialty, but their menu and their shirts say it is "authentic" - "正宗".

The front of the store consists of cooks wrapping the buns and cooking them. In the last picture, you can see them wrapping different types and even in the foreground you can see the shark fin that goes into the pork and shark fin variety. They then tightly place them fold side down into a pan of oil and sprinkle sesame seeds and green onion on top.

The result is a hard bottom that is nicely crisped while the top is perfectly soft enough to get at the tasty soup filling. And it is a really really tasty soup. I sucked the soup out and then ate the rest. They were excellent and I wished I had more than the four we bought (¥480). Yum!


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