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Breakfast at my Aunt's

Posted: 11/19/12

Breakfast at my Aunt's

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson: Do Japanese people eat sushi at home FOR BREAKFAST? Yes.

We had some leftovers and my aunt made some sushi for the next day. This included rice enveloped in a tofu skin which is something so simple yet so good. The tofu skin was saltier than I remember in North America and overall was nice to eat in the morning. She also made some maki with tuna, cucumber and avocado. I suppose it comes easy to Japanese people to make this, but I was impressed.

Other items include a Japanese bread, which is similar to the bread you can get at a Chinese bakery, but with subtle differences. For example the closeup shows a bread with fish eggs inside that made it taste fishy in a pleasant way.

On another day, we found out my aunt also knows how to make french toast :) The neat thing is that she uses different toppings. Instead of maple syrup she had a fruit nectar honey instead. I don't remember the exact type unfortunately. It tasted much like regular honey though.

We also had some salad and although similar to here there was also a slight Japanese twist. Sure, hardboiled egg and cheese are fairly common toppings, but anchovies and almonds are not. It was a nice change of pace for salad and we actually bought some almond/anchovie mix from Japan. I suppose you have to like the fish taste if you are Japanese!


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