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Homemade Sushi at my Aunt's

Posted: 11/17/12

Homemade Sushi at my Aunt's

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Yokohama: Do Japanese people eat sushi at home? Yes.

We had just arrived in Japan and had a light dinner meal at my Japanese Aunt's home. She had bought a prepared a lot of ingredients! Clockwise from top left: tuna, salmon, avocado, basil, tuna (again), cooked tuna, sour pickled vegetable/fruit, squied and cucumber. A nice variety!

First, the sour pickled vegetable/fruit of which I don't know the name. I want to say it's pickled plum (Umeboshi), but I don't what it is exactly. It has a very strong distinct taste that is mostly sour but with a hint of sweetness. The flavour is overpowering, and although new to me, I liked it in small quantities. I will try to find out what it is really called.

You can't have sushi without some vinegared rice and nori (seaweed). Plus shoyu and tube wasabi (likely horseradish). The way her family ate is to spread a thin layer (thin is key!) of rice on the seaweed, add your desired toppings and roll. You can tell from the first picture how unsuccessful I was at it. I got better as I learned to decrease the amount of rice in each subsequent rolling.

Other toppings include uni and salmon roe (Ikura). Just the fact that these ingredients are so readily available and fresh is astonishing.

My aunt had specific suggestions for combinations as well. The first is cooked tuna, the pickled vegetable/fruit, basil and avocado. A wild mix of flavours and textures. The next one has just squid and the sour vegetable. I made one with just salmon and avocado. My aunt specifically said that tuna and uni should be eaten plainly (with just some wasabi).

What a wonderful meal at home and seemingly simple to prepare. We definitely don't have convenient access to such fresh ingredients here in Canada sadly enough.


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