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Start of Japan/Taiwan Vacation

Posted: 11/15/12

Start of Japan/Taiwan Vacation

Restaurant: Air_Canada

Nelson: I just finished a 3 week vacation eating lot's of food in Japan and Taiwan. As per tradition, the post will start with the airplane food.

Air Canada has a new snack called Butter flavoured Braided Pretzels. The artificial flavouring is exactly that of buttered popcorn. The taste is so artificial that I felt like I was eating intensely flavoured buttered popcorn except that they were pretzels. Despite the irony, I actually enjoyed these. Yes, I liked a blatantly artificial tasting product, so what.

The meal options included a chicken in mushroom sauce with rice or a beef rice option that was slightly better. The corn salad that came with it was horrible and the chocolate mousse was not something I liked so I didn't eat it. I suppose the warm bread was the best part considering the white wine was not very good.

The only time I eat cup noodles is on a flight. I like hot it is served hot. The ham sandwich on the other hand is not good and the cranberry citrus oat crunch biscuit mediocre at best.

The breakfast options include a chicken congee that I don't personally like too much but had more flavour than the omelette with mystery sauce and hash.

The food is pretty bad, but I haven't had much to compare against for cross continental international flights.


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