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Salads Galore

Posted: 11/13/12

Salads Galore

Restaurant: none

Nelson @ home: Once again another round of homemade salads. Kitty doesn't like eating these, but since she's in Ottawa, I'm free to make these for myself. It's pretty simple to make for one person and you really can mix and match for a lot of variety. For example:

baked black pepper Chicken/avocado, cheery tomatoes/cooked spinach/cucumber/iceberg

Grilled chicken with Montreal Steak Spice/cheese/cucumber/cherry tomatoes/icebery

roast chicken from deli/tomato/avocado/homemade croutons/green peppers/iceberg

Hickory sticks/cashews/red pepper/cherry tomatoes/cucumber/Old cheddar cheese/iceberg

Baked chicken with Montreal steak spice/cucumber/cherry tomatoes/red peppers/iceberg

steak/avocado/cherry tomatoes/yellow peppers/romaine

steak/strawberries/green peppers/red peppers/iceberg

cooked spinach/cashews/marble cheese/cucumber/cherry tomatoes/iceberg

steak/mushrooms/cashews/cherry tomatoes/cucumber/green pepper/iceberg

Bartlett pear/tomatoes/celery/red pepper/cherry tomato/spring mix

steak/red pepper/cherry tomato/celery/spring mix

So got any suggestions for me so that I can have even more variety???


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