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The Construction Site: Grilled Cheese at Work

Posted: 11/11/12

The Construction Site: Grilled Cheese at Work

Restaurant: Etobicoke The_Construction_Site

Nelson @ Sherway Gardens: The Construction Site's slogan is "grilled cheese at work" and you can see the grilled cheese machines working away behind the counter.

I'm a sucker for the Blue Jays, so I ordered the Joe Carter: Provolone & Mozzarella, Toronto's own legendary cheesesteak on 100% Red Fife Sourdough ($10). It came with a Napa salad (asian toasted sesame vinagrette). I really liked the salad, especially the toppings (hard noodles) as well as the sesame dressing was actually really good considering I usually don't like Asian dressings.

Unfortunately while the grilled cheese concept is a good idea with the sourdough bread, the fact that there was almost no beef inside was a real downer for me. Three measly pieces hardly provided any taste. I suppose it's suppose to supplement the main thing which is a grilled cheese sandwich, but I found it disappointing, especially since this was the most expensive item on the menu.

So the concept has some promise and I enjoyed the salad, but the grilled cheese sandwich itself could have been better. Maybe the other sandwich types would be better as I wouldn't be expecting meat, but on this day I wanted more.

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