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O Mei

Posted: 11/09/12

O Mei

Restaurant: OMei Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Hwy 7: I always see the sign while driving by on Highway 7 and I always think of Barry since his dad is an owner of this restaurant. What I didn't know was that this place specializes in king crab and gigantic lobster. We weren't prepared to eat one (only 4 people), so we ordered some normal dishes.

The literal translation is Old Vinegar pork and I really like this dish and it was really tasty, but Dragon Boat's is slightly better. I think the reason I like this dish is because the flavour is so unique.

The next dish is Pork Tendon, onions and eggplant in a clay pot. The pork tendon itself (can be seen in the following photo) was really tasty and better than expected. The flavour in the tendon really came through and as long as you don't mind the texture of the tendon, you will like this atypical dish.

We had a steamed fish which had fried garlic on top which is a nice touch. The sauce was very good and as I look through the photos I notice that it had neon green eyes.

The waiter recommended we try the conch. I've been seeing this more and more at weddings, but I've never had it at a restaurant. The Conch had a strong curry flavour and had chicken added, but I wasn't sure what the conch itself tastes like and how much was present. I think this dish is generally a little underwhelming for me personally, but it looks impressive.

I think the best part of the meal are the many desserts! The soup was good because it was not too sweet. It wasn't the typical red bean, but instead it was rice based with milk added.

Some more gelatinous balls (Ton yuan) where the sauce had maple syrup giving it some extra flavour dimension. Great tasty idea!

The best dessert were the Mango mochi balls. The flavour was so so so intense with a mango gelatinous shell and then fresh mango inside making for an incredible taste. So good!

I'll be back here and trying the lobster so watch out for that post!

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  • Thanks for the shout out Nelson. Awesome review!

    Definitely try the King crab or Lobster when you have a bigger group!
    Barry @ 2012-12-25

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