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Morty's for Lunch

Posted: 11/07/12

Morty's for Lunch

Restaurant: Mortys Waterloo

Nelson: I'm slowly liking Morty's less and less. For some reason the wings seem to have gone down in quality. No problem for Ben though as he almost always orders the burger, which definitely look impressive and I bet are tasty and very unhealthy.

In the foreground are some dry cajun wings, their best tasting flavour. In the back is honey garlic, also decent here.

Once again another huge burger that will stop your heart.

The last two consist of hot/dry cajun and bbq/dry cajun. So why do I think they are getting worse? For some reason it seems the batter has changed and maybe there is too much of it. The inside chicken is soggy and not that tasty. I can't quite figure out why I'm not liking it as much. Maybe because I've had so many other different ones to compare against. The huge size alone just doesn't cut it I guess.

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