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Taiwanese Snacks

Posted: 11/05/12

Taiwanese Snacks

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Nelson: I will be on my way to Taiwan when this post runs, but the pictures here are of some treats my parent's brought back the last time they were there.

I mentioned that I liked these "sun" cakes and they brought some back for me. They have a very subtle light flavour and a flaky outside. This packaged version is not quite as good as the freshly made version, but still fun to eat.

Taiwan's most famous dessert treat the pineapple cake is pictured here from two different manufacturers. The first one is supposedly from the most famous one in Taiwan and I have to admit the pineapple flavours were really strong in this one and I really enjoyed it.

The last one is a different manufacturer with a darker in colour flavour. There are so many places you can get it in Taiwan and for the most part I love eating them! Hopefully I'll get the chance when I'm there and let me know if you want me to bring some back!


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