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Mario's BBQ for Portuguese BBQ Chicken

Posted: 11/03/12

Mario's BBQ for Portuguese BBQ Chicken

Restaurant: Marios_BBQ Mississauga

Nelson @ Dundas & Hurontario: I go by this restaurant quite frequently and always wanted to try it because of a nicely designed sign and simple name. They serve olives with the meal, and although I don't like olives too much, I'm slowly starting to like them more and more. I tried a few and they were too strong tasting for me personally. I didn't finish all of them though. The bread service is fairly simple, but fresh, light and fluffy, so I enjoyed it.

I had to order their most famous dish: Mario's Famous BBQ Chicken (spicy): 1/2 chicken served with fries for $13.95. The chicken was quite crispy, like it was deep fried and then grilled. I'm not sure how they made it quite this crispy for a "BBQ" chicken, but kudos to them. The chicken was a tad dry on the inside, but I suppose that is expected with BBQ chicken and it wasn't really dry like others I have had. To help with the dryness, the sauce was good, although not spicy as I had ordered. It looks like a jumble of meat, and as it turns out there is not much white meat. The pickled carrots were gross, but the Fries were very tasty.

Kitty had the Grilled whole sea bass (Robalo) $18.95: Sea bass itself was surprisingly flavourful, and roasted garlic (on top of the fish) was excellent. Don't often have grilled fish, but this one was better than I expected.

So yet another way to cook chicken and this one I liked.

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