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Samosa King Embassy Restaurant

Posted: 11/01/12

Samosa King Embassy Restaurant

Restaurant: Samosa_King Scarborough

Nelson @ Scarborough: They are the King for a reason. 20 cent vegetarian samosa's that CAN NOT be beat anywhere else in the city. They aren't large, but a size so that you get a hit of the wonderfully spiced filling and the crunch of the - admittedly proportionally generous - deep fried dough. But once again, 20 cents each! 20 cents!

I suppose they must make a little money on the sauce that you will inevitably buy to dip the samosa's in. I personally prefer the tamarind sauce myself. Or perhaps you get tempted by something else in the display case as you wait in the ever present long lineup.

Once we had bought these we couldn't resist to tear open the bag right away to consume them. Good and cheap!

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  • When we have potlucks at work, someone always brings samosas from here! :)
    dre @ 2012-11-02

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