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Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Posted: 10/30/12

Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant: Ocean_Seafood_Restaurant Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Hwy7 & Chalmers: Another Chinese restaurant that is pretty cheap, but my first visit wasn't positive. I found their portion size was a bit smaller than typical and the quality for some of their dishes could be better. But maybe we didn't order the right dishes.

The best dish in this meal is the shrimp in thousand island sauce. Big shrimp, battered, cooked exactly right and smothered in the creamy sauce make for a good tasting dish that is helped by the broccoli.

The daily soup is included and is typical.

One of their better dishes, this fish dish consisted of the bonier parts battered and deep fried to make it easier and tastier to eat (all along the outside) and the meatier parts cooked more lightly so that the natural flavour and soft texture (without bones) comes through. Great way to cook the same fish two different ways! I'm surprised more restaurants don't serve fish this way!

Next is a clay bowl of eggplant and pork that was fish flavoured. The fish taste was way too strong in this dish ruining it for me. Seems like we order this frequently an it also seems really easy to cook. Gotta get a clay pot and learn!

Supposedly the highlight of the meal, this is a duck dish that is braised. The flavours didn't taste very good to me and the meat had a tough texture, so overall I didn't like this dish very much. All the bones and hard to find meat didn't help either.

Stir fried beef ribs were ok, just a little on the small side and not too many meaty pieces mostly fat and bones. The honey garlic like sauce was pretty tasty though, but too bad the meat was so cheap.

Stir fried seafood and vegetables was also on the smaller side and one of the worse I've had. It was a replacement for another dish and maybe they just took it from another table. The squid was bad, the shrimp was small and vegetables type as before, all not cooked well. :(

I've been back and had better meals, so stay tuned! I will admit that it is inexpensive to eat here!

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