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Chinese Desserts - Pun Cao Tong

Posted: 10/28/12

Chinese Desserts - Pun Cao Tong

Restaurant: Pun_Cao_Tong Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Times Square: There aren't as many dessert places in Toronto, but the few that exist seem to get decent business. They need a lot of business to survive because the items they sell are relatively inexpensive.

We started with some more substantive food such as this steamed rice roll ($4.50). I think this is one of Kitty's favourite's because of the sauces (from left to right) - peanut, hoisin and hot sauce. Already drenched in soy sauce, the sauce add extra flavour and saltiness that seem to go really well with the neutral rice rolls. Yum!

Glutinous Rice Balls with Peanut Crush ($4). Not too sweet, yet still tasting great, this dessert is like many other Chinese desserts - not too sweet that you can't taste the underlying flavours - which in this case includes a sweet syrup, crushed peanuts and the natural sweetness of the glutinous rice.

Coconut Milk with Dragon Fruit Soup ($4.5). Could use a little more dragon fruit, but can't complain much about the taste. This type of dessert is common in Asia, but hard to find here.

Mixed Fruits and Mango Pudding ($4). Last time I was in HK, they were obsessed with Mangos and a dish like this would be very common. This one wasn't as fresh as I would have liked, but still decent.

Everything is pretty cheap, and it must be hard to stay in business without a lot of customers!

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