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Big Mouth Kee

Posted: 10/26/12

Big Mouth Kee

Restaurant: Big_Mouth_Kee Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Hwy 7 & West Beaver Creek: This place has been around forever and known for being open late at night. We came here and were in a hurry so we ordered a very simple and cheap meal that came out really fast. First is some vegetables with my favourite - cooked whole garlic. I love eating just the garlic whole, it's so tasty.

We shared a bowl of mushroom/pork/sprout noodles and a bowl of wonton noodles. The wontons were huge and packed with meat. I didn't enjoy the other noodle as much, but that's because I'm not a huge fan of noodle soups.

Cheap, fast, good Chinese food, exactly as advertised.

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