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Group Meal at Fritter King

Posted: 10/24/12

Group Meal at Fritter King

Restaurant: Fritter_King Mississauga

Nelson: Tim was back for the weekend and instead of going to Bounty I suggested we go for some Hong Kong breakfast food at The Fritter King. The food here is not the best, but it is cheap, fast and very Hong Kong-like.

What Cantonese meal wouldn't be complete without Congee? Personally I only ate congee growing up when I was sick, but I've come to realize that Hong Kong people love having it all the time. I suppose having a lot of awesome ingredients - fish balls in this case - in the congee makes it more palatable.

This is the worse turnip cake I've had probably mostly because it was not fried whatsoever. It came out like a mush and was generally tasteless save for the soy sauce poured on top.

If your name is Fritter King, you had better have some damn good fritter. Fortunately their Fritter is good. Very deep fried and quite cripsy, I personally do prefer a little softer middle. We also had a sesame ball with it too.

Portuguese style chicken, another HK staple was pretty good here, although the vegetables were a little undercooked.

Outfront they have this wavy metallic board they use to cut up the rice rolls. They were very fresh, but the ones here are a little plain as they are served with just some soy sauce.

To round out the brunch with more lunch-like items we had a pot of eggplant that was made well and flavourful compared to the rest of the meal. Probably one of their best dishes, the fritter (oil stick) in rice roll is definitely good here. Lastly some fried rice to finish off the meal.

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