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Momofuku Toronto

Posted: 11/26/12

Momofuku Toronto

Restaurant: Momofuku_Noodle_Bar Toronto

dre @ University Ave & Adelaide: Ahh, the hyped up Momofuku Noodle Bar! I just had to check it out because 1) it was pretty close to my office, and 2) I wouldn't be working downtown for awhile, and 3) lunch time probably had no wait times!

I wasn't expecting much, as I knew the prices were going to be high. I never tried the ramen at Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City, so I couldn't really compare, but I had other ramen places around Toronto that I could compare to.

So as expected, the prices were high for a bowl of their Momofuku Ramen ($15) - pork belly & shoulder, fish cake, and egg. The egg was perfectly done, as the inside was gooey, but the skin didn't break and held in the yoke. I should have tried a bit of the broth before I broke the egg, but I didn't think of it earlier. They were fairly generous with the amount of meat, and I ate all the fatty pieces too.

The broth was really rich, and I can't say that I was a fan of it. There were a lot of pickled vegetables, so it was like the broth had some competing flavours.

The noodles were nicely done though.

I also wanted to try the pork buns, but for $10, I passed on that opportunity. It was definitely a baller lunch as it was!

The first floor where the noodle bar is located is very small as you can see from the picture. You needed to go upstairs to use the washroom. I can see how the wait time for dinner could be really long.

In conclusion, Kinton and Kenzo have better tasting ramen and a better value!

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