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AYCE Japanese Food Craving

Posted: 11/24/12

AYCE Japanese Food Craving

Restaurant: Akita_Sushi Vaughan

dre @ Hwy 7 & Martin Grove: What was supposed to be a "light" dinner that night changed when my parents asked if we wanted to go out for AYCE sushi. We didn't refuse the offer, so we went to Akita Sushi, which is probably the best place in the area, despite Brampton having a couple of other sushi restaurants.

We started off with rolls - cucumber and avocado, spicy crab, and chicken teriyaki.

The 2nd tray had fruit rolls (banana and mango) and spider rolls.

The 3rd picture is my favourite - Golden California Rolls, which is just California rolls but deep fried.

My parents got their own plate of sushi.

We also got the usual seaweed salad and assorted tempura.

Mike wanted to try the cheese tempura, and concluded that one piece was enough as it was really fatty.

My parents got fish with the eggs inside. I had that once when I was a kid, and later threw up in the washroom and since then can't eat that anymore.

The next picture featured salmon belly and deep fried tofu.

The beef mushroom rolls and the Japanese fried rice are my favourites. I think they use a sweet soy sauce for the fried rice. I think it's delicious and always get it.

We got some pork cutlet, and I ended the main part of the meal with a chicken cutlet soba noodle soup.

The only disappointing thing was they ran out of green tea ice cream, so I had to get vanilla.

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