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Family Thanksgiving Feast

Posted: 11/10/12

Family Thanksgiving Feast

Restaurant: none

dre: My relatives normally do not have get-togethers for Thanksgiving, but this time, we were celebrating my grandparents' 69th (!) anniversary, so we had a big potluck.

The adults all made some sort of meat dish - someone bought roast pork and BBQ pork (hidden underneath).

There was braised beef.

There was chicken curry.

Ham and pineapples.

My parents brought the leftover turkey from the night before.

There was even fake meat and tofu. I didn't touch any of that.

My cousins made some scalloped potatoes and sweet potato pancakes. I usually don't eat scalloped potatoes because it has cheese, but he said he didn't put any in, so I had some. It was delicious! The sweet potato pancakes didn't turn out as well as imagined because by the time we ate them, they were all soggy.

There was also a giant bowl of macaroni (farfalle) and cheese. I ate one more bowtie.

It was quite unbalanced, but there were some vegetables as well.


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