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My first time at Guu Izakaya

Posted: 10/29/12

My first time at Guu Izakaya

Restaurant: Guu_Izakaya Toronto

dre @ Church & Gerrard: I was very jealous that Mike got an opportunity to go to a Jays game and sit 10 rows behind home plate. So I made my own plans to have dinner at Guu with Eddy and Jaclyn. We arrived around 6:15, and there was no wait. When we left around 7:30, there were tons of people sitting outside waiting for a table!

I found the atmosphere incredibly noisy and we had to yell to have conversation. Maybe I am getting old and can't take loud noise anymore. Someone had a birthday and I did enjoy the birthday song and dance, and was amused that even the cooks had these "Happy Birthday" glasses.

We picked 2 items each and they came out pretty fast.

The first dish is Maguro Tataki - seared BC tuna sashimi with ponzu and garlic chips. I tried one piece (I was being rebellious even though I'm not supposed to eat raw fish).

The next dish is Kinoko Bibambap - rice, mushroom, and cheese with seaweed sauce in a sizzling stone bowl. This was really delicious! The waitress mixed the bowl around and the cheese melted into the dish, so I didn't taste it. I really enjoyed the mushrooms.

The next dish is the Scallop and King Oyster Mushroom - panned fried bacon wrapped scallop and king oyster mushroom with soy sauce and karashi mayo. This was really tasty as well, but the bacon made it really fatty.

Takoyaki - deep fried octopus ball with tonkatsu sauce and karashi mayo. This one is always a favourite of everyone and we all liked the swaying flakes.

Kimchi Udon - this wasn't anything special and I thought the udon was a little soggy and overcooked.

The last dish isn't on the regular menu. It was pan fried pork cheeks with rapini and kimchi. Most of the pork cheeks were really fatty, so I would have preferred if there was a leaner cut of meat. It was good, and they gave a generous amount of meat.

They had frozen grapes as their after meal mint, but we all weren't a fan of these.

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