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The Gabardine

Posted: 10/27/12

The Gabardine

Restaurant: The_Gabardine Toronto

Dre: this post is actually written by Mike and eaten by Mike.

"I don't normally come downtown often to eat, so when I was downtown for a Jays' game, my friend and I went here to grab dinner. The burger was recommended by my friend, so I gladly chose it.

It did not disappoint. The burger was very thick and juicy, cooked medium well (a little pink inside). It was a good burger and hard to put the whole thing in my mouth because of its size. It was served with fries, which was actually the highlight of the meal! - enjoyed the fries more than the burger, so this meal was excellent!

I was stuffed after this meal. The only downside was the price, which costed me $22.50 for the meal (with water as my drink)."


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