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Adrian and Vanessa's Wedding

Posted: 10/23/12

Adrian and Vanessa's Wedding

Restaurant: none

dre @ Fountainblu: For Adrian and Vanessa's wedding, we went to a banquet hall in the CNE grounds. The appetizers I recognized from M&M meat shops, from helping out at another wedding earlier this summer. I didn't get any pictures of the appetizers.

One of the groom's friends made the wedding cake and I later learned that the bottom piece is actually fake!

The wedding dinner was catered by The Grand restaurant. There was nothing that wasn't in a typical Chinese 10-course banquet meal (although when I recount now, I only count 9 courses... maybe because they didn't have any red bean soup.) The soup was crab and lobster maw instead of shark's fin soup.

One thing I didn't like was the waiter just flopped food down onto our plates and weren't careful about spilling sauces. I thought that was a bit sloppy.

Also, I can't say that the food was very good either. The best dish was the crab claw. The pea shoots, mushroom, and abalone dish wasn't bad. The chicken was decent. Everything was bland and tasted off.

The second best part was dessert, where the table was full of cakes and pies that we recognized from Costco. Oh, except for the cupcakes. The wedding cake was all gone by the time I got to the dessert table, but the cupcakes were the same recipe and they were moist and tasty!


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