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Longo's Pizza - My Favourite Lunch

Posted: 10/17/12

Longo's Pizza - My Favourite Lunch

Restaurant: Longos Toronto

dre @ York and Brenner: Longo's pizza is definitely my favourite thing to eat when I'm working downtown. Unfortunately, they raised the prices from $7 to $8 for this 10" pizza. It's still a pretty good deal as I can only finish half the pizza in one sitting. Actually, I think I could probably eat the whole thing at one time, but I would not feel good afterwards and afternoon productivity would go down immensely (or no longer exist).

I got the pesto pizza with broccoli and artichokes. They substituted spinach with broccoli, and I am not a fan. I find the broccoli has a bitter taste to it.

My coworker got the meat lovers. I like that one too, but thought I'd go the healthy route. I think my pizza actually had more oil as they used a lot more olive oil.


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