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Kristie's Family Restaurant

Posted: 09/18/07

Kristie's Family Restaurant

Restaurant: Kristies_Family_Restaurant PEI

dre: We were driving around randomly in PEI and night began to fall. Worried that there would be nothing opened by the time we got to our campsite, we stopped from a sign directing us to go to Kristie's Family Restaurant. BIG MISTAKE.

We waited 5 minutes to be acknowledged, 10 minutes to take a seat, 10 minutes to take our drink orders, 15 minutes to order, 10 minutes for our drinks to be served (after reminding them).

We should have left at this point. But, I felt bad, understood that they were super busy that night with many customers, decided to wait it out.

We waited 1 hour and 15 minutes for this dinky meal - grilled chicken burger and fish burger with onion rings. It was good, but not worth this 2 hour experience. NEVER GO TO KRISTIE'S FAMILY RESTAURANT IN PEI. If I could tell you the name of the town it was in, I so would. But I can't remember it :(


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  • 2 hours of my life i'll never get back ever again
    dre @ 2007-09-18
  • This information is not all accurate. If you waited 10 mins to be seated, why were you standing. You seat yourself. Kristie's only has one waitress most of the time. Now there are only two cooks, and they have always been complimented. I admit there was two bad cooks that no longer work there.
    If you have a complaint, then tell the boss, she is one of the cooks.
    The community supports the local resteraunt!
    Local Customer @ 2008-10-06

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