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Posted: 10/18/12


Restaurant: Chicago Giordanos_Pizza

Nelson: One of the first to introduce stuffed pizza's, this is one of the main deep dish pizza chains. Our table was a little crazy and decided to order a lot of food before the pizza despite my protests.

First is a spaghetti ($7.95) with ground beef meat sauce which Kitty had some. I skipped it to save room for the pizza. All the meals came with bread which I think I also skipped.

As a table we ordered a family appetizer platter ($21.95) which included calamari, chicken wings, mushrooms, zucchini, shrimp, mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers. Talk about deep fried! I tried one of each and although some were good, it mostly tasted like deep fried batter. It was also filling.

We ordered the Tropic Delight with cheese, Canadian bacon, pineapple ($24.24 for a 14" Large) and a Special with sausage, mushroom, green pepper and onions ($26.75 for a 14" Large). This was plenty of food for 8 people despite each person only getting one slice. That's because it's so big and so full of cheese!

As compared to Lou Malnati's, it wasn't as greasy, especially the crust. I think I like it greasier. The Hawaiian was better because the ham was tastier than the pork sausage. And all of it was drowned in lot's and lot's of cheese.

Overall, I liked Lou Malnati's better because the crust was more buttery/greasy, but this was also enjoyable and very very filling. I think I could have done without the appetizers as the pizza was not as tasty since I was already so full.

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