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Gene & Georgetti

Posted: 10/14/12

Gene & Georgetti

Restaurant: Chicago Gene_and_Georgetti

Nelson @ River North: We're in Chicago so we absolutely had to go to a traditional steak house. We picked this one because they took reservations and happened to be near our hotel. The inside is like an old school steakhouse down to the wait staff and furniture.

The bread service was crusty. Not a bad thing, but the bread was very crusty and the bread sticks were pretzel like. Everyone also had a salad, which was salty and a bit oily but flavourful. By far the best part of the salad were the tomatoes because they were meaty and tasty, not like a regular supermarket tomato which typically doesn't have a lot of taste. I wonder where they get their tomatoes.

I had to sneak in a picture of a prime rib, because it was so large! It may be hard to tell the scale in this picture, but this is by far the largest piece of beef I've seen. Wow.

On the side we had an order of Mushrooms and sweet peppers sauteed ($13.75) which I enjoyed and was like something I would make when eating steak.

Kitty had Broiled Filet Mignon Bone-In ($49.50). I have never heard of a filet mignon having a bone attached as I thought that cut was fairly far away from major bones. I guess I'm mistaken. This was a huge chunk of filet mignon and really thick, so thick that her order of rare meant the inside was totally raw, especially the meat next to the bone. Kitty had to ask them to cook it a little bit more after it was realized how raw the meat was. The outside was nicely charred though and the meat very tender and top quality.

The potato "chips" are called Lyonnaise potatoes ($9.75). Not so thin that they are completely crispy, but thinner than the typical cut of potato. It's a good idea, but the execution wasn't so good here.

Finally, my order of the Broiled T-Bone Steak Bone-In ($45.75). Yes, a big piece of meat charred on the outside and rare on the inside. The far side of the cut was more tender like a filet, but the bottom part was fattier. Fat was spread throughout the edges and marbled throughout and overall very tender (just a tad less than the filet mignon). I was pleasantly surprised that it was not that tendony considering the cut. In terms of taste, it was not salty on the outside but had more of a charred taste, but definitely the flavour of the meat really came through. So good!

To go with our steak we had a bottle of merlot ($65) that we picked because the name was familiar to us: Markham!

A very traditional steak restaurant, and although it felt old inside, the food was still really good.

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