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Chicago Hot Dog, Snacks and Drinks

Posted: 10/10/12

Chicago Hot Dog, Snacks and Drinks

Restaurant: Chicago McDonalds Wrigley

Nelson @ Chicago: This post is a bit random, but these didn't fit into anywhere else.

Chicago has their own style of hot dog. While I didn't get a chance to try it on the street, I manage to buy some at Wrigley Field (very nice by the way, Skydome is such crap). On the left is the Chicago Dog ($6) made from beef and the right is a bison dog ($6.50). What you'll notice is that the toppings are colourful and unique, including tomatoes, bright green relish, mustard pickled hot peppers and fried onions. I didn't know this, but we made a mistake and put ketchup on top when the traditional Chicago hot dog is supposed to have no ketchup. Oops. The bison very lean with a distinct taste, but I still preferred the beef hot dog. Of the toppings, my favourite were by far the onions, followed by the tomatoes.

We went out drinking one night and on our way up to the John Hancock tower we stopped by Clark Street Ale House. We all had flights and I tried from right to left: The Sprecher hefe Weiss (Wisconsin) was very fruity and light almost lemonade in taste. Never knew beer could be so light and fruity. In comparison the Half Acre Daisy Cutter (Chicago) was too bitter and sour. Lastly the Dark Horse Raspberry Ale (Michigan) was very sweet and light as well. Yeah in retrospect I was wussing out on my beer selection, but I blame the wine I was having earlier in the night.

Clark Street Ale House on Urbanspoon

At the bottom of our hotel was a McDonald's where we ate our breakfasts. McDonald's is originally from the Chicago area and they have special ones like the Rock and Roll McDonald's which was pretty fancy (for a McDonald's). The best part was they had a museum that showed various artifacts over the years from McDonald's and otherwise. I would recommend visiting if you are from out of town (and if you like McDonald's). But this Big Breakfast from Merchandise Mart tasted exactly as expected.

McDonald's on UrbanspoonOriginal Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's on Urbanspoon

Lastly we were on the Navy Pier and couldn't resist having some ice cream. At the Haagen Dazs shop I had a Deep Chocolate Peanut Butter cone and Kitty had a milkshake. Both very rich, which meant they were both very good. I bet this place gets a lot of business based on location alone.

Haagen-Dazs Cafe on Urbanspoon


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