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Chinese Dumpling House

Posted: 10/04/12

Chinese Dumpling House

Restaurant: Chinese_Dumpling_House Toronto

Nelson @ Chinese Dumpling House: This is suppose to be one of the better Dumpling places in Toronto and I checked out the one in Metro Square. It's a tiny old restaurant, but authentic. We of course ordered the classic item, steamed dumplings with leek, shrimp and pork ($5.99). I was a little disappointed because some of them leaked and were not juicy. They were also not not perfectly separated from each other, resulting in dumplings sticking together and prematurely bursting. Something so simple and they can't get it right. Each had exactly one shrimp in it. As for taste, it definitely didn't taste frozen and did taste homemade and fresh.

We also tried the fried leek and pork dumplings ($3.99). These fried ones were really juicy. One fried dumpling had some funny meat in it though, but despite this I still enjoyed it more than the steamed ones. Overall a very cheap meal/snack, but at the same time my tea cup tasted like soap. Disappointed.

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I decided to try this place a second time at a different location but we had to do takeout. This restaurant had a partly open kitchen where you can watch the workers hand wrap fresh dumplings, which is always a welcoming sign.

I have to admit steam dumplings are not as good when in styrofoam. Still decent, but when bunched up together they stick to each other and burst. Hopefully if they serve it fresh they wouldn't stick at all. This batch was good in the sense that all had a nice liquid filling and in the original steamer probably even better.

We went with the beef wrap and it was excellent. The smell from this dish filled the car with a pleasant hunger inducing aroma that made us salivate. The beef itself was of the cold variety, but it goes perfectly with the green onion, hoisin and roti-like wrap. The best was that the wrap itself was so good! Perfect taste combination, this dish was amazing!

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Overall very cheap, but I think they can do a better job with their dumplings. Maybe I'm spoiled with Din Tai Fung as my standard for comparison.


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