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Posted: 10/02/12


Restaurant: Milestones Toronto

Nelson @ near YYZ: We came here because we had a gift card, but I don't mind Milestone's because the food is usually pretty good. At this location the food came out so fast that I was shocked they could get it ready so quickly.

Kitty had the Harissa chicken: chili spiced grilled chicken breast inspired by the Tunisian region of North Africa. Layered with creamy Fontina cheese and drizzled with a lemon mint yogurt paired with a brown rice, sweet potato and parsnip pilaf and a side of seasonal vegetables ($21.99). Overall it had a good flavour with the yogurt, mint and cheese providing distinct tastes yet working well together. I was disappointed that it was almost completely not spicy though. The rice was unique in a good way with lots of different ingredients that I have never tasted before in rice. To say the least, it was very different from an Asian rice.

Kobe style classic meatloaf: Topped with lightly fried onion strings over garlic mashed potatoes, Shiitake mushroom au jus and seasonal vegetables ($19.99) When they say Kobe style meatloaf, does that mean the meat is from cows raised in the "Kobe" style and not actual Kobe beef? It was ambiguous from the menu. I've had this before, but the meat is full of flavour and very tender complemented with a great combination of crispy onions and mushrooms. Kitty thought there was a little too much black pepper, but I liked it that way. Looks impressive and also tastes great.

Milestone's is a pretty reliable Western restaurant that is slightly upscale. I like it.

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