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Cafe 28

Posted: 09/30/12

Cafe 28

Restaurant: Cafe_28 Richmond_Hill

Nelson @ Hwy7 & Leslie: I don't like HK style diners much, but I have to admit it is good value. We ordered a dinner for two for $29.98 and it came with garlic bread, choice of salad with fruit, lobster bisque, clam chowder or Caesar salad. We picked the lobster bisque which turned out to be too salty and the fruit with salad which was drenched with some off the shelf strawberry dressing that I didn't like too much. I usually enjoy fruit in my salad, but this was canned fruit and that doesn't compare to fresh fruit.

Kitty had the Orange Roughy fillet with lobster meat and tarragon sauce. I had a bite and it was buttery, but it did have real lobster on top of the fish.

I had the mixed grill: bbq chicken steak, pork chop and garlic tiger shrimp. The tiger shrimp were fairly normal and the pork chop was tasty with the mushroom topping, but I really enjoyed the chicken steak. The skin was still on and it was full of flavour AND moist. Very important that last point.

It also came with coffee or tea and the daily dessert which was a mango pudding with evaporated milk (I think).

So food wasn't bad, some may even like it if they like HK style diner food, but it is undeniably cheap for what you get.

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