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Burkie's Dog House at ACC

Posted: 09/28/12

Burkie's Dog House at ACC

Restaurant: Burkies_Dog_House Toronto

Nelson @ ACC: They finally finally got around to putting some better food choices at the Air Canada Centre. Finally. Then they went ahead and picked a name based on the Leafs' GM. SMH.

Anyway the first one pictured is a Southern BBQ Dog- smoky BBQ pulled pork and creamy coleslaw ($6.50 for regular). I was concentrating on the Jeremy Lin game but did manage a bite or two, since it was our Valentine dinner together after all. I liked it! It went well together and the pork in the hot dog was good too!

Next is another occasion where I opted for some buttery popcorn. The 3rd pic is of all the hot dogs on the grill. You can see the bacon wrapped ones at the back too.

Lastly I tried a Mac 'n Cheese Dog - homemade creamy mac 'n cheese with a smokey ketchup ($9.75 for footlong). It was too heavy and too cheesy but the hot dog itself once again was really good. Probably would choose another one next time, but my hunger decided for me this time.

Other interesting choices include Reuben, French onion, kobe, BLT, poutine and maple. Yes these are stadium prices, but at least there is some semblance of choice....finally.

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