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Mooncake Making, Part 2 - The Dough

Posted: 10/03/12

Mooncake Making, Part 2 - The Dough

Restaurant: none

dre: For the dough, the the process was equally long, but slightly less labourious. Denny started boiling the sugar on low heat with lemon and lime rinds. It took a long time, but it finally browned and became syrup. I think some alkaline water and baking soda was added into the mixture, but I can't be sure.

The syrup then had to be cooled to room temperature.

Once it was cool, it was mixed in with peanut oil. Then the long process of sifting flour and stirring it began. We added a lot more flour (doubled) than the recipe had said, because the mixture was still very liquidy. After a long time, the dough was at a good texture.

It then needed to sit for 2 hours.

See Part 1.


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