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Mooncake Making, Part 1 - Lotus Paste

Posted: 10/01/12

Mooncake Making, Part 1 - Lotus Paste

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dre: Since mid-autumn festival just passed yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to share my first (possibly only) experience making mooncakes from scratch. Denny and Janice invited me over to help. I can't say that I helped a lot, but the day was very educational!

It was a whole day's event, as I was at their house from 10am-10pm! As you will see, a lot of time was spent stirring and waiting. I managed to get a nap in during the day.

Anyway, there will be 4 posts on mooncakes, and this first one is all about the lotus paste.

If you've never seen lotus seeds before, they come dried in these packages. They were soaked for an hour or so, to make it easier to peel. We removed the inside stem of each of the seeds. Fortunately, some didn't have stems, but the work was still tedious.

Afterwards, we rinsed the empty lotus seeds and boiled them to make them more soft.

They are then blended to make it a paste-like texture. That took a long time because there was a lot of lotus seeds. We had to do them in batches and scoop them back into the pot.

Next, we heated 900ml of peanut oil and poured 900ml of sugar. In this picture, we did this incorrectly as you are supposed to pour the sugar in really really slowly while mixing. Here, we dumped the sugar in. It crystallized and was unusable, so Denny had to run out and buy more sugar and peanut oil. (Insert my nap here).

When you do it correctly, the oil and sugar mixture will turn brown in colour. Then we mixed in the lotus paste.

We poured the paste in pans to cool, and then rolled them into balls ready to be assembled!


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