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Emerald Chinese Restaurant for dinner and Dim Sum

Posted: 09/22/12

Emerald Chinese Restaurant for dinner and Dim Sum

Restaurant: Emerald_Chinese_Restaurant Mississauga

Nelson @ Hurontario & Eglinton: One of the more dependable restaurants in Mississauga and ranked #1 by BlogTO it's also liked by my parents so that is a good sign.

We'll start with the dinner where we ordered a set meal. My parents really like ordering the dishes that come in a pot, so this one with eggplant, beef and tofu had a nice variety to it and a surprising amount of depth of flavour. Much better than I expected!

Fish slices and vegetables, but the fish didn't taste that fresh and as a result it wasn't a good dish. Sad face.

The fried chicken with fried garlic was excellent. I love garlic and having it fried and in large quantities over fried chicken is even better. Surprised I haven't had this dish in restaurants more frequently, but definitely one of my preferred ways of enjoying chicken.

Obligatory steamed fish, a bit short and stumpy but still good. Dessert of red bean soup and oranges rounded out a good meal.

Kitty and I went for Dim sum after I picked her up from the airport. Two people is not such a great number for Dim Sum as you are limited in the variety. We tried some fried tofu stuffed with pork which was pretty good here, cha siu bao (my favourite), shrimp rice roll which was bad here for some reason. The dessert was tofu hua, which is one of my favourties for dessert and the lady piled the bowl so high that it was above the height of the bowl. Awesome. The last picture is the best dim sum item that day, a vegetarian wrap that was really crispy and tasted excellent too. So overall decent Dim Sum too.

A solid choice for Chinese restaurant in Missisauga, nothing too spectacular, but still hits the right notes for traditional Chinese.

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