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Last Team Lunch at Milestones

Posted: 09/29/12

Last Team Lunch at Milestones

Restaurant: Milestones Toronto

dre @ Progress & Corporate Dr: We had another quarterly team lunch again. The best restaurant close to the office is definitely Milestones, so we ventured there again. I was deciding if I wanted pasta or a sandwich, but my Chinese-ness kicked it and decided to order the more expensive dish since this was going to be expensed. I (again) got the Portobello Mushroom Chicken served with capellini. I was looking back at my other Milestone pictures and noticed that this Scarborough location always served asparagus with this dish. When I had it in North York, they served carrots. Anyway, I forgot how salty the sauce was. The dish was still delicious, but I kept drinking to diffuse the saltiness. Finally, I got a white chocolate cheesecake to balance out the saltiness. It was a pretty heavy cheesecake, but it was good and made me sleepy for the rest of the afternoon.

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