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Decorated Cookies and Cupcakes

Posted: 09/25/12

Decorated Cookies and Cupcakes

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dre: One week, a friend asked if I could run a children's program at church because she wasn't going to be there that week. I stressed out a bit because I couldn't do the craft that she suggested doing. It was too much work prepping. So, I decided to have the kids make cookies of their favourite Noah's Ark animal. It was cute, as the kids rolled their dough into balls and tried to create lions, birds, or bears. Little did they know (and I forgot to tell them), that cookies flatten when they are cooked, so when the cookies came out, they had a hard time figuring out which one was theirs. Haha.

A week later, I used the leftover ingredients and decided to make cupcakes. This time, I decorated the cupcakes after baking them. Surprisingly, Mike also helped by spreading the icing on top of each cupcake. I do admit that they look much nicer than plain ones. I should make more... I have a bit of icing left!


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